Spinal Treatment for Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis can be very painful for people. Basically, spinal stenosis is when the space around your spinal cord causes pressure on the nerves. Usually, this is caused by osteoarthritis. This can also be caused by a slipped disc or some sort of abnormal growth. There are people who are born with issues, however, it’s more common for people to get spinal stenosis as they get older.  Spinal stenosis causes back pain and sometimes a tingling of the legs.


If you think you are suffering from spinal stenosis, make an appointment with your doctor to discuss spine treatment options and for a proper diagnosis. There is actually no cure out there for it but there are many different spine treatment options available for you to consider.


spine treatmentThere are basic over the counter medications that you can take, and this is probably where your doctor will start. These can help with the pain. If that does not ease the pain for you there are prescription drugs your doctor can recommend next. Your doctor may also want to inject cortisone. This will be injected right into the affected area. However, this will not cure spinal stenosis but it will help ease the pain.


Your doctor may also recommend getting proper exercise for your treatment. There are many stretching techniques you can do at home as well. The exercises and stretching techniques will vary from person to person so talk to your doctor before starting any sort of routine. Your doctor may also recommend a physical therapist to meet with. They will help decide which exercises and stretching techniques would be best for your condition.


Massages can also help ease the pain from spinal stenosis. Always talk to your doctor first but a licensed massage therapist can help with the pain in the lower back. Also, chiropractors are another option to ease the pain. And again talk with your doctor and get their recommendation before making an appointment.


If none of the above helps to ease the pain, there is always the option to get spinal surgery. This should be your last resort option or if the pain is too unbearable to live with any longer. If you think this is the best option, make an appointment with your doctor right away. It is important to note that surgery may not cure the pain forever and there is a chance that the pain could return. And with all surgeries there are serious risks involved. Some of those risks include blood clots and even death.


If you think surgery is the only option you should go to a trusted doctor to discuss your options. The doctors and surgeons at Boulder Neurological and Spine Associates in Colorado are some of the best in the country. If you are able and have access this is a great place to start. As always try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will help prevent any future issues. And if you need surgery this will keep complications to a minimum.