Oregon ranches for sale boast these cash crop possibilities

Oregon ranches for sale

Anyone looking at ranches for sale, particularly if they are looking to buy land for agricultural purposes, will likely be thinking about which state will allow them to most easily produce crops that will provide them with a successful livelihood. With so many different types of climates in the United States, no two ranches are created equal and some crops may do better in one kind of climate than another. For example, Texas ranches for sale may boast success in livestock and cattle, as it is one of Texas’ top agricultural assets. Though Texas does produce much of the nation’s wheat, corn and cotton, they seem to be well known for their cattle.

For ranch land with an ability to produce high volumes of fruits and vegetables, many ranchers look at Oregon ranches for sale. The temperate, rainy climate of Oregon provides the perfect conditions to grow numerous crops that do not grow as well in other parts of the country.

Here are a few of the cash crops that do consistently well in Oregon:

  • Vegetables: When compared to other states, Oregon is one of the national leaders in vegetable production. Most notably, Oregon has a sizable root vegetable crop including a potato crop, onion crop and beet crop. Other vegetables include corn, particularly of a sweeter variety as well as beans and nuts such as snap beans, peas and hazelnuts, or, as they are more commonly known by Oregonians- filberts.
  • Hops: Oregon has one of the largest craft beer industries in the country, boasting hundreds of local breweries in the Portland area alone. One of the reasons the beer industry has been able to thrive so much in Oregon is because of the fact that Oregon has a healthy crop of hops, one of the main ingredients in beer brewing.
  • Marijuana- As one of the states to legalize marijuana, Oregon’s cannabis production has been a popular and successful endeavor for many ranchers throughout the state. The climate of Oregon allows for numerous different strains to grow, which increases the year-round opportunity for distribution.
  • Fruits: Oregon has a high volume of fruit production including, unsurprisingly, cherries. Oregon has become synonymous with cherries, but that is not the only kind of fruit they produce. They also have impressive crops of plums and pears as well.
  • Flowers and trees: Oregon is one of the nation’s leading producers in pine trees, specifically the Ponderosa Pine and the Douglas Fir. Due to the sizable tree production, Oregon leads the way nationally in the growth and distribution of Christmas trees. Additionally, Oregon is well known for their lovely flowers, which include tulip bulbs as well as other more delicate varieties such as lilies, daffodils, irises and peonies.

For those looking to run purchase and run a piece of land that can be transformed into a successful farm, rich with crops, Oregon is often at the top of the list. With their diverse cash crop possibilities as well as their copious rain and mild weather, Oregon makes a perfect place to grow crops.