The Most Popular Choices in Wedding Venues

When it comes to weddings, people usually select through a few options that are considered the most popular. It’s due to their accessibility, ambience and ease of affordability. That is why, individuals who are interested in having their wedding on a grander scale are likely to have it at one of these wedding venues.

They usually choose one of these wedding venues because of the practicality of the situation and the fact that it will meet their needs the best. If you are looking for wedding venues to decide from, make sure that you take a quick look at these particular event venues.

This way, you will be able to have a place that you finally narrow down after some time and effort. Go through the types of venues listed below and choose one that is right for you.

One of the Most Popular Wedding Venues Comes through a Hotel/Resort

You probably already knew this one because of its popularity. Most people, even celebrities, are prone to use the event venues of a local hotel/resort to celebrate their wedding day because of a couple reasons.

First, a hotel/resort is typically close to most people within the city. It is likely within 30 minutes from the church that the marriage vows were conducted in. This makes it easy for individuals to see the vows and the marriage ceremony take place before going to a place for the reception, where they can eat and enjoy the beverages and food that would be in venues

Speaking of eating, those who plan their wedding would want to choose a place that is experienced in providing wedding catering. Since hotels are one of the most popular locations to host a wedding reception, individuals feel fairly certain that the hotel has more than enough experience and resources to pull of another catering job for another unique and special wedding.

This is why you will likely see most of the weddings you attend are hosted at a Hilton, Radisson, or other top line hotel.


Banquet Hall/Restaurant Is Next On Our Popular Wedding Venues List

Another popular wedding event venue that we’ve noted down on our list is that of a banquet hall or upscale restaurant. In our experience, we’ve seen that the banquet hall/restaurant is used for an engagement or for pre-celebrations. This means that these places are used after the rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding. These restaurants and banquet halls can fit a specific amount of people and so it makes to see it happen prior to the wedding day.

Yet, at the wedding day, the wedding venues can serve your wedding party well if you want to have an intimate reception after having your wedding at the church or city hall. Having your wedding reception take place at a place that is known for its catering is especially a great choice if you or your significant other happen to enjoy the finer things in gastronomy.

Choosing a hall/restaurant is also more affordable, but it does take away from the grandeur of things.

Keeping this in mind, make your choice wisely and discuss the options with your significant other before you make a decision.

Things to Keep in Mind When Checking Into a Marijuana Friendly Lodging

The rapid success of marijuana hotels has caused these specialty rentals to soar in popularity within the last few months. As a result, these establishments are now being covered by various news publications all around the world and enjoying some well-earned exposure to marijuana aficionados who otherwise had been unaware of these tourist friendly 420 lodging options.

marijuana hotels

Given the popularity and the trending status of 420 hotels, you should not be surprised if you find yourself or one of your loved ones planning a cannabis-themed vacation to a marijuana friendly lodging soon. And if and when you do, ensure to keep these numerous yet friendly tips in mind that would help you steer clear of any issues while making your trip even more fun that it is already bound to be.

Check for Local Laws and Restrictions: If you are planning to visit a so-called “bud and breakfast” or a 420 friendly lodging soon, then chances are that it would not be in the same location as your area of residence. As a tourist, it would only be prudent for you to look through the local laws, the freedom and the restrictions that you may be facing at your destination. Knowing about these requirements would ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to safeguard yourself from any potential law-infringement.

Look Through a Few Destinations and Options: Just as how you would plan your vacation to conventional hotels by checking pricing and amenities, check the deciding factors for these marijuana lodging establishments by going through a few options. Through specialty platforms, you can also check for recommendations and reviews for each of these 420 hotels, and could also compare specialized services such as the provision of marijuana samples, edibles menu, and especially designed tours.

Keep the Costs in Mind: Taking a cannabis-themed vacation is more than just spending your money on pre-packaged tours with airfare and accommodations. Since you will be going on a tour to consume and enjoy marijuana in all of its health-friendly forms, you will need to ensure that apart from your travel and marijuana friendly lodging expenses, you have set aside an ample amount to let you shop for marijuana flower, edibles, oils and other products sufficiently. If possible, budget your money before you leave for the trip and leave some room for extra spending, as that would ensure that you have a great marijuana shopping vacation.

Visit with an Extended Travel Party: If this is your first time smoking and consuming marijuana in a free environment, then it would be a good idea to have a companion or two over the trip with you so you could ensure that you are staying safe during your experiences at these 420 rentals. Similarly, if the roles are reversed and if you are an experienced marijuana consumer whose friend is going on a bud and breakfast vacation, then ensure that you set aside some time to accompany them over their trip.

Following these tips would ensure that you have a safe vacation exploring marijuana hotels, all while making sure that you would have plenty of fun over what could only be a memorable trip.